Cheat Sheet for Delay and Reverb Effects

No matter if you are an onstage or studio guitarist, delay and reverb pedal will always act as the most crucial aspects. These effects are required to generate body and context of your sound apart from the rest of stuff happening in the music. Without any doubt, both delay and reverb will always act vital components of both live and recorded music. It is always nice to collect some valuable information about delay and reverb and try to apply it in a proper manner. If you have been searching for a cheat sheet for the delay and reverb effects, surely you are present at the right place.

cheat sheets delay reverb

Delay It is the special effect that completely echoes with the music you generate and entirely depends on the settings you have dialed in. Ideally, delay mostly included settings like time, feedback, and mix in order to generate the desired outcome. [Read more…]

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Easy Guitar Chords for Blues Songs

Would you like to implement some simple yet effective open position blue chords which will add fun and excitement to guitar playing? Here in our short article, we will concentrate on easy guitar chords for blues songs which will allow you to construct thousands of songs in quick time.


Learning the art of executing chords for blues songs is just not all about fun but your little efforts will help in learning some impressive guitar skills which could easily be implemented on other guitar styles like rock, funk, soul and jazz. In blues songs particularly we can use distinctive guitar chords titled dominant 7th chords. In order to mention these chords accurately, you need to use number 7 following the name of the chord. [Read more…]

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6 Reasons You Won’t Succeed With Music Career

music career

Millions of people do try hard to make a successful music career but only a handful ever achieve the destination. There are certain reasons or specifically 6 reasons which will not allow you to become a professional musician. Most of the musicians do waste plenty of time in pursuing wrong techniques or things which never make them popular or successful in the tough competitive and highly demanding music industry. For sure, there are many individuals who work hard with complete dedication but with the passage of time, they do get frustrated as their efforts don’t convert into desired outcomes.

With our own efforts, we were able to work out 6 reasons why you are not able to build a music career and what changes you must bring to move your career in the right direction. [Read more…]

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Improve Guitar Skills For Beginners

improve guitar skills

Are you bit new to guitar world and would like to improve your guitar playing skills? Would you like to follow perfect guitar guide or tips for the beginners which are easy to follow and effective? Well, these are not pretty tricky queries to sort out as with the application of adequate guitar tutorials for beginners, you will be able to improve your guitar skills in quick time. These tutorials will allow you to have a nice grasp of the guitar playing technique but things will eventually ease out.

Generally, most of the individuals do find it pretty hard to learn guitar and in such tricky situation, the tutorial will lend a helping hand. Even, we have here listed some common traps which newbie guitar players must follow. These tips are extremely helpful and will help in avoiding many guitars playing errors with ease. Don’t miss out the golden opportunity and go through following tips carefully. [Read more…]

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5 Rhythm Guitar Techniques

Have you been searching for some rhythm guitar techniques? Surely, strumming a chord sounds so nice to our ears but when we are able to add effective rhythm guitar techniques, we can definitely take our guitar playing experience to another higher level.

5 Rhythm Guitar Techniques

Rhythm guitar is tough to master but easy to learn. You will not find any trouble whatsoever to learn out these open chords but if you want to develop better guitar playing skills it is extremely crucial indeed to learn following [Read more…]

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