The Best Things About Bright Starts Swing


The Bright Starts Swing is now the top selling Comfort & Harmony portable swing. It is there to dazzle your cute little baby with its playful pinwheels & cheerful colors. The amazing thing is that the swing seat rotates around 180 degrees. Your baby is free to swing or sway with this handy product. The swing can be folded completely flat & it doesn’t take much space after getting folded. It also has the TrueSpeed technology that helps maintaining 6 consistent speeds accordingly.


The swing has other attributes to make you go wow. Let’s start with the features-

Features That Matter

  • One may find 2 recline positions & infant bolster for support
  • Three nature sounds & eight melodies will keep your baby entertained. The auto shutoff gets activated after 30, 45 & 60 consecutive minutes.
  • If the baby wants to swing in silence, he can have it also with the help of WhisperQuiet Technology.
  • Connect it with the AC adapter to save on batteries.

Great Performance

The Bright Starts Swing is small & portable. No one has any complaints about this issue instead they have praised the compactness of this unique & great performing baby swing. Despite being too low to the ground & the lock issues, it has other magnificent features like the 2 level volume control & plush hanging toys. It will be difficult for you to keep your baby out of this baby swing for sure. Yes, it is that good!!

The Product Is Perfect For Whom??

It is a great baby accessory for those who live in apartments &don’t want too many items in their house. As it folds down too easily & portable, one can easily roam around with it while travelling to different places. The swing is around 2 feet tall & if you are putting this on a table, then the table has to be a big one. This is a great choice if portability is your biggest concern. But, remember the price range may vary according to the color you are choosing. So, pay full attention to it. Most of the moms liked the product very much & they have recommended it to others.

Safety Issues

One may consider the upright position unsafe. But, let me assure you by saying that the Bright Starts Swing comes with a five point harness & head support pillow. Fully reclined &more upright are the two positions of the seats. The setup procedure is pretty simple as well. It can carry babies up to 25 lbs.

What About Durability??

You will get 1 year limited warranty with the package. Most of the reviewers rated the product very best & they have also uttered that the product is highly durable. They have also mentioned about the easy to remove & wash feature. It can’t be converted to a bouncer or other seat options. But, some people indicated the drastic slowness of the swing when their babies reach the 25 pound weight limit.

5 Foods All Pregnant Women Should Avoid


All the expected moms must be aware of certain foods to avoid during the time of their pregnancy. It is one of the recommended factors to protect the health of their unborn baby. The big sorted list of what foods to eat & what to not often confuses people. I’ll make it easier for you. Here I have enlisted 5 specific foods that a pregnant woman must avoid for a better pregnancy life. If you are a pregnant woman, then you may follow these advices or if you are too much concerned about your diet, then you should consult with your doctor.


1. Caffeinated Coffee

Experts have different opinion about the caffeine consumption of a pregnant woman. This caffeine can affect the baby’s heart by getting transferred through the placenta. So, it is recommended for the pregnant ladies not to consume more than 200 milligrams of caffeine per day. On an average you may find 95 milligrams of caffeine in an 8-ounce cup of coffee, the rate is 47 milligrams for tea& 12 milligrams for pop.

2. Feta Cheese

Feta Cheese along withunpasteurized cheeseis linked to foodborne illness like Listeriosis. If you are not pregnant, then foods containing Listeria may cause flu & flu-like symptoms. But, this can be dangerous for the pregnant women as it increases the chances of premature labor,miscarriageand severe illness.So, it is better to avoid cheese written “unpasteurized” on the label. You can try mozzarella cheese instead, which is a safer choice in this case.

3. Uncooked Eggs

Uncooked eggs are responsible for salmonella poisoning. This disease can be passed through the mother that would seriously affect babies health & labor. Salmonella poisoning leads to diarrhea and vomiting &can also cause dehydration& early labor. Try to have cooked eggs for necessary vitamins, protein &minerals.

4. Unpasteurized Milk

Unpasteurized milk is also dangerous like the unpasteurized cheese for the unborn baby. You need to avoid drinking raw milk also. Unpasteurized milk carries pathogens that can make you seriously ill. It is advised to avoid during the whole term of the pregnancy.

5. Swordfish

Fishes can be a great source of nutrients, but not all of them are good for babies’ health. As like King mackerel, the swordfish also contains a dangerous level of mercury that is harmful for pregnant women. Mercury can damage thedeveloping nervous system. So, the consuming of mercury contaminated fish should be restrained to 12 ounces (340 grams)per week.

How to use a baby swing in the proper way


Parents will do anything to soothe their fussy babies, especially if they have to do other chores every day, they must find the useful baby gear for the help. The baby swings can be the valuable resource when they need to soothe their fussy babies or place children in the safe place while doing other work.

You just simply place the baby in his swing, turn on and let the gear make him tranquil and quiet while you do the daily chores. But, the swing isn’t a babysitter and doesn’t have to be applied in all situations. Even if you have the best baby swing, you also need to follow the proper instruction for the safe and good results.

Here’s the instruction of the right usages:

Let the swing soothes the baby

Soothing is the important factor parents purchase for their babies. For the infants in the first three months, swinging is especially soothing in the nature. To make the fussy or crying infants pleasant and calm, there are some ways of soothing: swing, suck, shush, stomach or side position, and swaddle. A swing can be considered as the gentle movement of staying in the mother’s womb, therefore, the baby swing is extremely helpful for leaving newborns pleasant and calm.

baby swing 11

Never let your baby sleep in swinging

The baby swing might be the baby’s version of resting in the hammock, but you shouldn’t let him sleep on it while swinging. The swing is good for quieting the baby down, which isn’t referred to be the suitable sleep environment. The sleep that babies get in the swings doesn’t have the same benefits like sleep that they get on the stationary location. In the wrong sleep environment, it’s hard that the baby has the ability to restore health, strength, or a feeling of well-being. That means he is increasing the sleep debt if he sleeps on the swing.

When the baby reaches two first months, remove the unnecessary poles or beams used as the support or to keep him in the right sleep position. If he falls asleep on the swing, you must pick him up and gently transfer him to his crib. If he fusses, you should be with him and rub lightly his back until he goes to sleep again. If your baby only goes to sleep in swinging, you should gradually decrease the speed lower and lower until he sleeps without swinging. Following this way in about one week, he can remove the habit of sleeping on the swing.

Forgo the whistles and bells

“Too much” is not always better. In the current market, you can see a variety of the baby swings, about different motions or both, several colorful mobiles, and others. Most of those features don’t bring the difference to the baby, but it’s better that parents avoid the swing including a light projector and the unnecessary entertainment over stimulating babies. The best efficient feature can be the white noise that helps soothe fussy or crying babies.

baby swing 22

Never overdo the swing

It’s certainly useful that you use the swing to soothe the crying baby, but it’s bad that you let him stay in a too long time. You should make the time set he spends in the seats including car seats, bouncy seats, or swings to prevent the baby’s head from being flat or bold. You also must place him in the restriction using the straps to keep him secured in one position, because the swing can be harmful to his development. Although there are no rules of the time set, it’s safe that the baby stays in one hour daily or less.

Check safety precautions

The baby swings always carry on their own manuals so you should follow the rules to make sure it is safe and good for your baby. Before making any payment, you should check if it meets safety regulations of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The babies under four months should have stayed in the sloping position, and when they are on the swings, you have to use the straps for the safe conditions.

While moving, the seat must be fairly flat so he doesn’t fall down. Check the machine carefully before using to ensure it doesn’t overbalance and the baby can’t take hold of any toys of the swing, which could lead severe difficulty in breathing. Also, remember you can’t leave the baby alone on the swing. You have to place him at the places within your visions and frequently check if he is in the good situation.


What to consider if buying baby swings


There are many different kinds of baby swings in the market but you need to watch out necessary feature that each come with. If you don’t watch out this important security features, it may lead to serious situations and then affecting to your baby. So, here are some guides for you to consider before bringing one to home for your baby. Have a look at it!

The seat

  • This is where your little one is gonna spend all the time, so it’s very important that you choose one with the right features. The following are considerations that you should take into account:
  • Detachability: Some baby swings have a seat that is easily detached from the frame. For this type, you can detach the seat and use stationary seat instead to use independently.
  • Washability: just be willing to accept that when your babies are in there, there are many messes, so be prepared for a washable cover for cleaning. In the market, there are now some baby swing seats whose material is waterproof-covered. This can prevent spills from being soaked in. This helps you to easily clean the seat and be known for that.
  • Padded seat: you can make your baby feel comfortable by looking for a padding seat to ensure that it is thick enough to have comfort but it shouldn’t be so thick to leave space in the seat. Current manufacturers often undertake padding that’s overboard and what you have to do is checking whether it’s a nicely padded seat.
  • The incline of the seat: the swing seats of current brands are manufactured to different stretching positions. For newborns who can’t hold the head up will be better for a stretching position while the older likes more upright position. The seat incline can be easily adjusted so just adjust it until you find the most comfortable position, right for your baby.

best swing

Swinging movement

  • Adjusted speed: in today’s models of baby swings, the speed setting for swinging is often available in many brands. This adjusted swing can make parents easy to adjust, slowing down or moving faster with 2 popular motion types: moving back and forth or side to side, according to age. For some infants, especially newborns must set the slow motion. Meanwhile, the older babies often love faster swinging motion, it comes to the age.
  • The swing direction: Most of today’s baby swings have the motion in back and forth direction. However the minority of some swings moves from side to side. You can choose the most comfortable movement that can soothe your baby as some babies love to be swung back and forth but others like to move from side to side, just have a trial on your baby.

The Frame

  • Supporting base: the rule is that the wider the base is, the more difficult it will be for the swing to tip over.
  • Frame material: current manufacturers constructed the frame by metal and so it’s widely used in today’s models. Some baby swings made in China manufacture the frame in plastic. Remember to avoid these because baby swings made by metal will be much sturdier.


  • Music: music and pleasant melodies are often attached for soothing your baby to sleep. You can choose from many different melody tracks and music players. Current high-end baby swings can connect to your iPhone to make it easier for the users to customize playing music!
  • Toys: The toys can differ in many types, maybe hanging small animals, mirrors and mobiles,…
  • Vibration: high-end baby swings may equip with a vibration as a soothing way for the baby to sleep.

baby swinginEase of use

Nothing is more annoying than a product that is unfriendly to use. If you find yourself getting stressed when your product is so difficult to use, you should question whether it’s the right choice for you.

How to choose a portable baby swing


Portable baby swing becomes an effective tool for busy mother in an outdoor occasion and you still bring an equipment to settle your little one to do other works outside. Because the focus of this equipment is portability, the swing is only powered by batteries, easily folding up to pack it away or take it with you when travelling. And If you are on a budget or looking for a best baby swing that can easily store away, the portable baby swing is definitely the right choice for you.

Advantages and disadvantages of portable baby swing

The main advantages of portable baby swing is lightweight and can be taken up less space than the full-sized ones. Moreover, it’s cheaper than the than full size swings and become cost-effective if you just use it for some occasions, rather than investing an expensive full sized one and leaving it unused.

However, there are also disadvantages, though: because it’s portable, there are no available several choices for you to choose. Moreover, the smaller swing arc and batteries-consuming are constraints for some moms to decide to buy it. The power cord is not overly portable now, right?, thus, it does add an extra cost to the baby swing. As you can see, each type of baby swing comes with a set of pros and cons, so you will have to decide which need is better suited for your personal situation.

best swing

Other things to consider

The portable baby swing is often set very quiet so don’t worry about the sound it may make. Every swing has its own motor inside so don’t be ridiculous that oh this swing seems not to have a motor in it. For this type, you should choose a 5-point harness is the best option to ensure the safety requirements when your baby is put in the seat. In this type of baby swing, you must use the buttons to turn on and off the music as well as the timer, very easily to change. In portable baby swing, many added accessories like hanging toy bar or animals are provided in front of the baby swing to entertain the baby while swinging. But if you don’t like it, just remove it, very easily and quickly.

The baby seat has a pillow that supports head for infants and it can be detached when your baby grows up and can control the head up. Of course, the padded seat itself can also be unlinked from the frame to clean. Because portable swings are sized much smaller than the full-size swings or normal baby swings. Thank to smaller sizes, the foldable swing make it portable, thus useful when you’re on traveling in an occasion. Normally, portable baby swings are not as expensive as the full size swings. The portable swing may be priced for a half compared with the full sized one. However, the portable baby swing with small size also presents some constraints for parents. Normally in those portable baby swings, the motor is set on the baby swing’s side. (And this may be shorter than a full sized baby swing), therefore, portable baby swings seem not to a good option for a taller baby than normal growth. After all, you can choose the portable baby swings if your home has less spaces or you often travel with babies in a vacation. So, consider your real need and demand before opting such a portable swing for your baby.



About the color, portable baby swing often has the neutral brown tone to better fit into any home without clashing with the decor. But for those of you who prefer a brighter option, the baby swing is also available in the color pink.

Is it good for your baby to sleep on the swing?


The baby swing is a useful soothing gear for the newborns and can support the free time for their parents to have meals or rest in a short time.

For babies under 6 months, they are not building the bad habits so you can consider the swing nap is likely harmless. However, there are many accidents as you let your baby sleep on the swing. If he goes to sleep on the swing, you should move him to the bed or crib for the short break or night sleep. If he wants you being with him during sleep time, you can think of the bassinet or the bed that is safe and flat and you can keep your view on him.

For the older, sleeping on the swing can be habitual. It’s harmless for a short break, but the night sleep can badly affect the baby development. If your baby has that habits, it’s definitely hard to break.


The Harmful sleep

You shouldn’t let your infant sleeping on the swing, stroller, and other seat devices. It’s particularly true if he’s under four months. These infants often like to bend their body into strange and unnatural positions. They also move up and down, or from side to side with small rapid movements, that can lead the risks of suffocation. Besides that, the young babies can’t control their neck and hold the head in the proper way. If the baby sleeps as sitting, his head may move forward or other wrong side and cause to potentially harmful angle.

The suitable sleep position

The baby has to sleep on his back. It reduces the rates of sudden death syndromes. If your infant has symptoms of air flowing back and the difficulty of breathing, you can use the protective airway mechanism for him to prevent the problem. If your baby can’t sleep on his back for special reasons, you should ask your pediatrician or doctor for the advice. Because the association between sleeping positions and sudden death syndrome is very high, you should let the baby sleep on his back until he reaches one-year-old. You should use a hard sleeping surface, soft covers, and soft toys.

Other options to swings

Infants require gentle constant movements, like rubbing on the back, walking, rocking, or patting. You also can turn on the gentle sound from the media player to help the baby ease to sleep.

There’s always a reason for the difficult to sleep, for instance, illness, teething, noisy environment, or developmental changes. Ask your doctor about methods to treat teething or other illness when you suspect the baby is having problems for sleeping.


If the baby only can sleep as sitting on the swing

If your baby gets familiar to sleep on his swing and can’t sleep again without it, you should continue using it with special notifications. When the baby starts sleeping on the swing, you must move him to the bed immediately. If he begins crying or fussing because the swing stops, you should gently rock the baby as moving him to the suitable place for a nice sleep. If rocking isn’t efficient, you can change the way as patting or rubbing his back. After few times, you will know how to use the suitable transition for him. It’s easier that you put the swing near the best before bedtime or naps, therefore, you can turn him into the bed more quickly.

If those ways are not useful, you can follow the steps below.

  • First, you should restrict the swing use only in the daytime, the baby must sleep on his back on the proper bed at night.
  • Second, you can remove the swing or stable nap in one day and change to the crib or bassinet. When the baby gets familiar with this, increase the days to two, three, and so on.
  • Third, the swing nap should be in the proper position. If you don’t change the habit of the swing sleep, you should change the sleep position firstly. You never can let him fall forward on the baby swing, which leads difficulty of breathing.

Although the baby swing is a useful tool for the easy sleep, you restrict the swing use and sleep. The good things become the bad if you use in the wrong way. If you can’t change the bad habit of your baby in sleeping as swinging, you shouldn’t have the stress and just do comfortably every day.

How to move the baby sleeping on the swing to the crib



Nowadays, the cribs often support the nice sleep conditions for the newborn infants. While parents can use the swings to increase the confined environment for their babies. The swings are regarded as the important gears for newborns from 4 months to 6 months, but it’s safer that parents can move the baby sleeping on the swing to the crib. Because of the nice sleep environment, the transition is a good option for the positive sleep habits and associations. To move easily the child into the crib, parents can follow these tips.

1.  Turn off the constant motion

Babies who are used to staying on the swings often like the constant motion and the uncomfortable area. The swings somewhat make the copy of bay’s conditions in the reproductive cycle. Keep the normal situation and the same surroundings while removing his dependence on frequent movements of the swing by turning it off as he sleeps.

If he responds negatively, continue swinging by turning on the swing at the slower speed for the sleep continuing. Keep the speed slower and slower until he grows the habit sleeping in lack of movements. Ensure the swing is placed in the same room with the crib, therefore, he get familiar to the nice sleep area.

crib 1

2.  Wrap your baby

To settle your baby down and make him sleep deeper and longer, you should wrap him tightly in the special infant swaddler or a large soft blanket. The swaddling has the same conditions with the friendly environment of the swing he loves. In cases swaddlers are not useful, it might be parents wrap your baby very tightly and leave him uncomfortable. There are some useful tips of swaddling the baby:

– Lay his arms on his side then swaddle him tightly, therefore, he can’t leave from the swaddler.

– Place your swaddled baby into the crib and rub or pat his back to settle him down.

3.  Build the consistent nap times and bedtimes

Making the predictable rituals and routines for the bedtime and nap time can help the baby anticipate and enjoy going to the nice sleep. You should lie down with the baby in his room for the short nap in about one week at stable times daily to help him understand the intention of the nap time.

In the evening, begin a stable routine including stories, bath, rocking and cuddling to pleasantly bring the baby into the bedtime. All routines help create the relations of his sleep with his room and crib, leaving him more comfortable to go to sleep there.

crib 2

4.  Build the suitable environment

Arrange the suitable conditions of his room where the child sleeps to create the highest chance for the smooth turn from his swing to the crib. Ensure his room is totally dark, add the black curtains if the place is too bright in the early morning or the lightime. Create the low, tedious, repetitious white noise, playing from an air conditioner, fan, recorded sounds as waterfalls or the sea, to calm the child to sleep in the nice and peaceful ways. Manage the stable temperature of about 70 °F in his room for the deep sleep.

These are some tips for the good move from the baby swing to the crib. It’s safer that you let your baby sleep on a comfortable crib that is the right area for his health and physical development. To build the stable sleep time, you need to be persistent and arrange proper conditions in his room. His sleep will be better just after one week if you can follow the right guide. Finally, never let the baby under 6 months sleep on the swing. It can become the serious accident death.

How to choose the baby swing for each demand


As the baby swings are overally more expensive than other types of baby gear, it’s important that the parents select the right one for each demand or use. That’s a reason why it’s vital to know what to look for to ensure that you buy the right one that the baby will enjoy and feel comfortably. Here’s some reviews of popular favorite brand names available in the market currently.

Best cheap baby swing – Comfort & Harmony Portable swing

For many parents, a best cost efficient baby swing that’s not also too many settings and functions, then the Comfort & Harmony Portable one can be the greatest option to consider. If you just want to try out a swing with pricing under $60, this is an affordable one. This is also foldable, so a great space saving option is right there for you because it can be taken up everywhere like a babysitter’s house, on an occasion of a trip or even to the park. This baby swing are also equipped with basic original songs (6 songs available), the foam toy bar with plush toys may do the trick. For convenience, this swing folds up easily and has a machine washable cover.

baby swing b

The main advantage is that this brand is it just weighs 7 pounds, so it’s easy to move and transport. Thanks for this, small size fits any space. Despite its size, this model designs very sturdily. Adaptable straps are designed to keep your little one safe during seated. However, the problem of this model is that the speed control knob makes loud clicking sound.

Best baby swing for the money – Graco Glider LX Gliding swing

If you are considering a mid-range swing which is priced under $140, you can think of Graco Glider LX Gliding swing. With this, the soothing motions and rocking for relaxation. AC plug of this swing can help reduce the expense of disposal batteries which is cost efficient for parents. Moreover, the swing movement is very quiet. However, this swing does not foldable, so it may be difficult to store. The buttons of the swing are also too close together. Music are loud for your baby, especially when your little one falls asleep. But this swing is typed five-point harness, thus it’s secure for your baby.

baby swing a

Best baby swing overall – Fisher Price Cradle ‘N Swing

Unlike Graco Glider, with Fisher Price Cradle ‘N swing it’s easy for storage as this brand swing is foldable. More than that, the motor of this swing is very quiet and the cozy fabric makes your baby feel comfortable. Other settings also makes it easier for customers to customize the baby’s ride as he/she grows. However, at just under $200, this swing is more expensive than other brands. And with the weight of 24 pound swing, it’s heavier than other models. Even when folded, the brand swing can be bulky and cumbersome for storage. In overall, this swing determines the speed based on your baby’s weight. This swing’s motions are back and forth and side to side motions can be customized along with 16 songs and 2 melodies. The motorized mobile to provide your baby with a fun and relaxing experience. The AC adapter included is very power saving. Moreover, it clean spills and accidents easily on the machine are washable.

The harness system with five-point features is safe for your child. If you want a swing that can overall best for your baby, the Fisher Price Cradle ‘N Swing might be just the right brand what you’re looking for. So many different settings of this can make parents be sure to find love. The pickiest baby will be soothed and entertained with the many features while you can relax a bit with the a sturdy, durable, and high-quality product. When nothing less than the best will do, you will find this swing is a great investment to aid in taking care your baby’s nursery.